At MakeRemotely.com, we believe that a professional community has clear rules. Below we have listed policies for different aspects of the platform. The use of MakeRemotely.com is governed by the Terms and Conditions of use. The policies are attached to them.
Platform policies:

1. Site behavior

The tone of the messages should always be cordial. Mistreatment, insults or discrimination between users will not be tolerated.
MakeRemotely.com does not allow any kind of discrimination against people on the basis of racial, ethnic, social or minority origin, religion or beliefs, political or other opinion, language, gender, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age or any other condition. Neither MakeRemotely.com, as a platform, nor any user (employer or freelancer) may incur the discrimination practices detailed above.
MakeRemotely.com may contact users via email, instant messaging or calls. Our representatives are identified with MakeRemotely.com identity. We do not request any kind of payment, sharing of passwords or access data, if you are suspicious please contact support: help@makeremotely.com

Do not share contact information (email, phone, skype, whatsapp, hangout, github, linkedin, instagram, facebook and external links in general)***
Sending external links is not allowed. Nothing that will cause the employer and/or freelancer to leave the MakeRemotely.com environment.
Also, asking for contact information or external link to another party is not allowed. ***

Respect the privacy of MakeRemotely.com messages and tasks. Unless you have written authorization from the other party, you may not make MakeRemotely.com messages or tasks public.
Spamming is strictly forbidden.

MakeRemotely.com should not be used solely as a payment method between employers and freelancers. Assignments where payments are released without communication between the parties involved, and without deliverables that are related to the assignment, will not be accepted and the amounts will be returned to the employers.

2. Site Content

Never post messages, assignments or any content on the site related to:

  • Pornography or content prohibited for minors;
  • Violence;
  • Racial intolerance or attack on a particular individual, group or organization;
  • Excessive irreverence;
  • Technological piracy;
  • Casinos or gambling;
  • Drugs or the like;
  • Sale of weapons or ammunition (e.g., firearms and parts, switchblades and electric discharge pistols);
  • Sale of products that are replicas of others;
  • Bad software (viruses, spyware, etc.);
  • Any content that is illegal, promotes illegal activities or infringes the legal rights of others.

3. Policy for publishing tasks

If an assignment violates any MakeRemotely.com policy, it will be removed from the platform. The employer is free to republish the assignment if the violation is corrected. The most common reasons for deleting the assignment from the platform are:

  • Violation of another company or entity's Terms of Service;
  • Soliciting freelancers to perform unpaid work;
  • Violation of Section 2 of this Policy;
  • Payment offered outside of the platform;
  • Payment is based on commission or stock compensation;
  • Payment offered is less than the legal minimum wage in the freelancer's country;
  • Violation of the integrity of an academic institution, including performing assignments, writing third-party essays, tests, or presentations;
  • Violation of any U.S. or other country law;
  • Containing personal contact information;
  • Promoting other products and services;
  • Seeking full-time workers.

3.1 Guide to publishing tasks

  • Clarity about the need and specific skills to complete the task;
  • Appropriate and thorough writing;
  • Answering freelancers' questions and updating the job description;
  • Accept a proposal only when the task description is clear, including expectations, deadlines, and payment terms;
  • Evaluate multiple proposals following specific criteria, such as the type of service it offers, freelancer's experience, education, portfolio, certificates, references, comments from previous employers, location, communication, style, and compensation;
  • Communicate with the freelancer to establish the terms of the job, set main goals and payment method;
  • In case of being asked by the freelancer, the employer should inform what the work he is applying for will be used for;
  • Ask the freelancer's working hours and response time;
  • Once you have hired the freelancer for your assignment, follow the development of the work by staying logged into the platform.

4. Policies for submitting proposals

When submitting a proposal, the freelancer cannot:

  • Offer their services for free;
  • Use unprofessional language or harass another MakeRemotely.com user;
  • Request or accept payment outside the platform;
  • Make reference to the platform's commission;
  • Use the messages for any purpose other than sending proposals;
  • Include any contact information. Example: Skype, email, phone, website, Gtalk, etc.

4.1 Guide for publishing proposals

As a freelancer, you must commit to the following guidelines when submitting a proposal:

  • Send proposals only for work that you are able to perform and when you can meet the deadline set by the employer;
  • Help the employer clarify their needs and fully develop the scope of work and end results;
  • Set expectations that you can meet or exceed;
  • Establish payment terms tied to established goals;
  • Specify how money orders (exchange) will be managed;
  • Specify how work warranty will be managed;
  • Submit an accurate proposal that reflects your understanding of the scope of work and the amount of hours/effort you will need to devote to meet the employer's expectations;
  • Submit a new proposal, when necessary, to inform any change in work delivery date or focus, prior to the proposal deadline;
  • Do not ask for unjustifiably low remuneration or submit test proposals. If you want more information about the assignment before submitting a final proposal, send a message to the employer with your questions and specify that you will update your proposal when you receive the necessary information;
  • Do not submit fraudulent proposals;
  • Do not submit generic or repeated proposals;
  • Do not offer your services in exchange for a good evaluation or for free.

5. Profile publication policies

A freelancer's profile cannot contain:

  • Contact information outside the platform;
  • Offers for payment outside the platform;
  • Offers for free services;
  • Offers for services that violate the Policies of MakeRemotely.com or another company or entity;
  • Any text plagiarized from another freelancer;
  • Exposure of work for which the profile owner has no legal or proprietary rights.

6. Policies on the duration of employment relationships on the site

Relationships between an employer and freelancers that are initiated through MakeRemotely.com must continue to occur through MakeRemotely.com for a minimum of 2 years from the last assignment completed between the parties.

Any working relationship that was started through MakeRemotely.com and is continued outside of the site forfeits our guarantee and may put the accounts involved at risk, and MakeRemotely.com may cancel them at any time.

7. Sanctions for Policy Violations

MakeRemotely.com will suspend or delete the account of users who violate any Platform Policy.

  • For violations related to posting tasks, the same will be deleted from the platform. Repeated violations will result in account termination.
  • For professional violations, the minimum penalty is suspension for fifteen days. For more serious violations, such as plagiarism, fee evasion, comment manipulation or repeat violations, the freelancer's account will be subject to immediate termination.

8. Criteria for arbitration resolution

In case of inability to satisfactorily complete an assignment, both employer and freelancer may request MakeRemotely.com intervention through an open dispute to make a fair decision, MakeRemotely.com takes into account the following factors:

  • The initial agreement between employer and freelancer. It takes into account the proposal made by the freelancer and accepted by the employer, the agreed delivery times, the scope of the assignment, the delivery formats and everything related to what both parties have agreed upon in the assignment chat messages.
  • The development of the assignment: The work done by the freelancer, the deliveries made, the employer's requests for corrections and all communication that took place through the platform after the employer made the guarantee payment are taken into account.
  • Information provided by both parties: Once the assignment goes into arbitration due to the start of a dispute, we ask both parties to inform MakeRemotely.com about the work done and any information they believe should be highlighted.

Taking these aspects into consideration, MakeRemotely.com will analyze all the information and will decide on the destination of the funds in collateral and the ownership of the work performed.
It is important to clarify that any communication made outside the platform, work performed that is not registered within the platform, will not be valid to determine the resolution of the arbitration.